Construction Online Magazine

Over the course of more than 18 years of professional activity, the International Development Group has always strived to use the latest and most advanced technologies and tools to expand its ideas and plans. It’s been a long time that this group uses print media with best quality and method to disseminate the latest information, news and analysis of the construction industry. With the expansion of cyberspace and the generalization of this field, according to the major policies of the International Development Group, a web-based Internet Magazine was launched. Construction Online Magazine ( is the first, most specialized and comprehensive online magazine ( in the field of construction, architecture and civil engineering of the country. The content of this online magazine is structured to cover all aspects of the construction industry. Information about the latest projects, products, technologies, construction news, national and global events, education, dialogue and analysis about the characteristics of a good city is one of the most important articles published in this online magazine. The Construction Internet Magazine also offers the opportunity to be seen. Audiences, apart from being able to give their comments and suggestions without intermediaries to the managers and editorial staff of the magazine, have the opportunity to publish their subject matter in their own name in the magazine. This method will have a great impact on introducing the products and technologies of this industry and creating the personal brand of the experts in the field. The online magazine creates an opportunity for everyone to go ahead, we and you.

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