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We Are Expert in Construction

Crowded advertising spaces and high level of competition among brands, as well as decision making approaches and different buying behavior in different parts of construction (including kinds of material, goods and services to final products, i.e., buildings), and especially different mechanism and procedure in construction in Iran have made marketing, advertising, branding in construction much more different from other industries.

Considering the importance of designing and implementing marketing and branding programs, companies in leading countries have turned to specialism and focusing on a special industry or providing a particular specialized service for different industries. Nowadays, having precise knowledge and information about the market and the audiences’ buying behavior has become highly crucial for economic enterprises in view of diversity in advertising tools, plenty of advertising messages, high costs of acquiring market share, and etc. The Construction Group has been continually working and focusing on this industry during 18 years. Consequently, we enjoy a high level of experience and information on this important and strategic section in a way that we are considered as the only company introducing specialized services in marketing, branding, and designing different campaigns with diverse goals for the people active in construction in Iran.


Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales more

Producing Marketing and Sales Tools

Producing Marketing and Sales Tools more

Construction Magazine

Construction Magazine more

Supplying Construction Projects

Supplying Construction Projects more


Branding more

  Tehran Construction Magazine

Tehran Construction Magazine more

Development Projects

Development Projects more

Construction Online Magazine

Construction Online Magazine more

CVendor APP

CVendor APP more

Top 10 Construction Industry Companies Festival

Top 10 Construction Industry Companies Festival more

Newsletters and Journals

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Holding Specialized Events

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Our Clients

ایران سازه
ایرانیان اطلس
کی دبلیو سی
کار و اندیشه
شوفاژ کار
فن آور پلاستیک سپاهان
سازه گستر مدحت
سارینا کیش
آژیراک برج
ناب استیل
آسانسور و پله برقی بنیس فراز
کومش فرم
سوپر پانل
مجتمع بوتیا صنعت
سازه‌پوش سپاهان
صنایع آلومینیوم آبسکون
هدیش مال
لوله و ماشین سازی ایران
یکتا تهویه اروند
پدیدآوران اطلس پارس

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